8/8 Jiǔlóng

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Eighth and final clock of our ‘Time is Up’ Christmas capsule collection is ‘Jiǔlóng’ by Monica Taverniti. The clock, made of hand-painted wood, is inspired by the walled city of Jiǔlóng (Kowloon), originally located in the Hong Kong region but now destroyed. The small city, born as a military fort, was surrounded by high walls and became overpopulated in the second half of the twentieth century: the clock carries the idea of ​​time, space and movement as constitutive elements of cities. It reports a sort of mapping of the corners, angles and staircases, enclosed in the gray of the borders. The interplay of colors and the labyrinthine shape of the structure are reminiscent of enchanted castles and primordial worlds, suddenly projected into the here and now.

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cm 42 x 14 x 68 H

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