Backgammon Water

3.600,00  IVA Inclusa

Backgammon board made of epoxy and eco resin with watercolor design, covered with a protective layer of transparent resin. The board is made on request, personalized by name and numerically, in a limited series of 100 pieces.

The set is part of the "Backgammon Beauty" collection, a series of 4 boards designed in a limited edition by the Milanese architect and designer Valeria Molinari, which represent the four universal elements underlying life: water, air, earth and fire. Each table represents its element through symbols and colors that recall its characteristics: from flames to waves, from trees to the rays of the sun, each piece is carefully drawn with watercolor, then covered with a layer of transparent resin.

The set includes: the board created by the artist, a resin pawn holder, made to contain all the elements of the game (30 pawns, 2 dice's shakers and 5 dices), a frame, a wooden bar for expert players (available only in the standard version).

Available in two sizes: standard and travel.

cm 48 x 45,3 x 1 H

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